SoftSound Noise Wall is adaptable for a wide variety of applications

Absorptive precast concrete sound wall using SoftSound technology is an ideal product that offers residential neighborhoods and businesses privacy over a variety of applications. Made of a proprietary composite material that is compressed and suited for all technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer, our sound barriers are top of the line when it comes to sound absorption, durability, strength and moldability. Whether it's for highways, residential streets, retail and commercial locations, parks, resorts or clubs, SoftSound sound barriers are the proven solution.



Currently in use on highways in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Maryland, and the Province of Ontario. Approved for use in 11 states, multiple states approvals pending.


Residential Streets

Meets or exceeds all performance requirements.


Retail and Commercial Locations

Strict quality control standards ensure consistency and longevity of product.


Parks, Resorts and Clubs

Customizable to fit the aesthetics of your facility.