January 8, 2014

SoftSound Passes Salt Scaling Test

Washington DC highway SoftSound Wall

Many U.S. States and Canadian provinces require the performance of a salt scaling test as one of the conditions for approval of a sound-absorptive product. This test, ASTM C672 or CSA A23.2, is performed to determine the resistance of concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles in the presence of various de-icing road salts. When applied to a porous material, such as SoftSound, samples are submerged in a salt solution and subjected to 50 freeze-thaw cycles, after which a visual evaluation of deterioration is made and loose particles are weighed. This is a particularly demanding test for porous materials as the full mass of the product is in contact with the salt solution while being subjected to the expansion forces of freezing salt water.

Easi-Set's SoftSound recently passed successfully both the ASTM C672 salt scaling test as well as its Canadian equivalent where a different salt is specified and a modified test method is used. This test completed the battery of tests required for approval of Softsound in the province of Ontario, and will allow us to proceed with the approval process in the States where salt scaling testing is a requirement.

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