October 14, 2013

SoftSound Approval in Ontario

Easi-Set is continuing its efforts of getting SoftSound approved in the United States and Canadian provinces. This includes submitting test results that vary for each regulatory agency. Easi-Set recently obtained approval from the Province of Ontario, where the requirements to test for were: a Sound Absorption Coefficient of 70% (ASTM C423); Flame Spread and Smoke-Developed Classification (CAN/ULC-S102.2); Freeze-Thaw Resistance (ASTM C666); and Salt Scaling Resistance (Modified ASTM C672).

The severe Salt Scaling Resistance test consists of totally submerging the test sample in a water/road salt solution and subjecting it to 50 cycles of freezing and thawing, with minimum deterioration and material loss at the end of the cycles. The cumulative mass loss observed was 0.05 lbs/sq. ft. versus a maximum allowed of 0.163 lbs/sq. ft. Visual observations also showed no breaking or delamination.

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