January 8, 2019

Absorptive Noise Wall Protects New Development

Design Concrete Sound Absorptive Wall

During 2018, Design Concrete Systems, Seaforth, ON, produced and delivered 6,283sf (584sm) of SoftSound® absorptive noise wall with an ashlar stone finish to border the Huron Woods Project, a new housing development in Kitchener, ON. This absorptive wall was needed satisfy a noise study requirement which defined its properties, height, and length. The posts were installed on approximately 12-foot (3.6m) centers with stackable panels, between them, having heights of 3-feet (1m) and 1.5-feet (1/2m).

The surface of the bottom panels is structural concrete, needed to protect against damage from lawn maintenance equipment. Design Concrete manufactures earth retaining walls, precast buildings, a variety of agricultural products, absorptive/reflective noise walls, and has been a Licensed SoftSound® Producer since October 2013.