October 4, 2019

Design Concrete Wins 200,000 sf SoftSound Project

Design Concrete Sound Absorptive Wall

Design Concrete Systems, Seaforth, Ontario was recently awarded their largest and most complex SoftSound absorptive noise wall job by the City of Brampton, ON, Canada. This 200,000 sf project is a focal point for the Williams Parkway and contains 1,500 12-foot bays 8 ½-feet high spanning 18,000 feet along the roadway. The architect for the project took over a year to design the treed landscape so that it ebbs and flows with the speed of traffic i.e. less trees in the higher speed zones and more trees at the intersections.

The Project contains approximately 6,000 20 ½-inch-tall double-sided panels requiring 23 unique urethane form liner designs produced in-house by Design Concrete personnel, and was colored using a concrete stain. The absorptive finish on the residential side is flat. The bottom panels are reflective concrete to reduce damage from landscape maintenance equipment.

Kenn Hines, General Manager, shared that this project is receiving many positive comments due to its changing and interesting pattern flow while driving, the use of strategically-placed trees, and its pastel color scheme.

Design Concrete has been a licensed SoftSound producer since 2012.