Among our proven sound barrier applications are noise barrier walls, retaining walls and acoustic facing panels.

Our specially-engineered absorptive precast concrete walls include a post and panel system that is available with sound absorptive material on one or both sides. Produced in a number of colors and textures, this popular noise barrier application is ideal for residential, commercial and municipal locations. SoftSound can be applied as stand-alone noise wall or used in conjunction with retaining wall systems.

SoftSound is also available for acoustic facing panel applications. Designed and manufactured in a variety of custom sizes, designs and colors, for use in a multitude of interior and exterior sound absorptive situations.

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Design and Installation

Assistance in engineering, design and installation techniques are provided, as well as overseeing component assembly, ensuring the most efficient way to optimize quality and product performance. SoftSound products are available in standard, custom and highly intricate designs. Exposed surfaces are available in a variety of textures and colors to meet specific architectural requirements.

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SoftSound By The Numbers

A porous lightweight aggregate-based cementitious material, averaging just 36-40 pounds per cubic foot. SoftSound is 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

Independent Testing

  • ASTM C423 – NRC = 0.80
  • ASTM C423 (Stained) – NRC = 0.80
  • ASTM C666 Procedure A – Freeze Thaw
  • ASTM C666 Procedure B – Freeze Thaw
  • ASTM C672 – Salt Scaling
  • ASTM C672 (WI Method) – Salt Scaling
  • ASTM E84 – Flame & Smoke
  • CAN/ULC-S102.2-10 Flame & Smoke
  • ASTM E90 – Sound Transmission Loss
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Product Types

noise barrier walls

Noise Barrier Walls

  • Post and panel system
  • Sound absorptive available on both sides
  • A wide variety of textures and colors
retaining walls

Retaining Walls

  • Absorptive material applied to face
  • Compatible with SoftSound noise wall
acoustic facing panels

Acoustic Facing Panels

  • Custom sizes available
  • Color and texture to match your criteria
  • Interior and exterior applications